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Who and what is HOUSE OF LEV?

Husband and wife duo LaDerryl and Danielle Hart made the decision in 2022 to document their journey on YouTube of their family converting to Orthodox Judaism.

Their videos and social media posts gives an inside look at life as they navigate raising children, keeping the spark alive in marriage and building community as a soon to be Jewish family. Their content aims to inspire and encourage others on their own journeys through laughter, honesty and heartfelt wisdom.  

House of Lev shares their journey of love, faith and family through authentic, wholesome and entertaining content. "Lev" is the Hebrew word for heart. Other than it being a play on their last name "Hart," the Jewish idea of love is closely tied to the heart as the source of deep emotion, wisdom and spirituality. Love of G-d and love of others starts with an open and compassionate heart. This is the message they hope to communicate as they share their journey of conversion, growing their young family and living their most meaningful life together.

House of Lev believes every couple has a love story worth sharing and every family has lessons to teach the world from their own home. So they share their story with hope that it will resonate with others, opening hearts and minds along the way. This is the essence of House of Lev. Love starts at home.

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